Lycée Clément Ader

Each year, Clément Ader welcomes approximately 550 students from the entire Eure department. The courses given are varied enough to offer a vast palette of diplomas that open opportunities for our students to pursue employment or to continue their education. We are a High Vocational School.

Clément Ader High School:

  • Has a 120-student capacity for its boarding school, and is open from Monday to Saturday
  • Is situated on 7 acres of land and 25,000 m2 of building space
  • The pedagogical restaurant is opened to the public on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons, as well as in the evening on Tuesdays and Fridays with menus from 12 €
  • Our ULIS section encourages the integration of handicapped students

School address:
14, côte Aristide Briand – B.P. 545
27305 Bernay Cedex

School website: English website  french website.

Téléphone: 02 32 43 00 01

Our team:


Didier Hochet
Electronic and computer sciences
Erasmus Coordinator




Pierre Richard
Deputy headteacher




Sylvie Maille
English teacher and
Deputy head teacher





Jason Maucolin





Herve Le Ster




Joël Letouzey
Electronic teacher


Moatacim Aoub
Electronic Teacher