The main reason for this project is the need to make more efficient the educative methodologies and techniques throught the exchange of ideas and good practices. The project will develop new methodologies for learning and teaching, which are complementary to traditional education, even to current training on competencies and skills. It will incorporate new teaching strategies for entrepreneurship as horizontal competencies, incorporating a model to include in regular curricula which will stimulate creativity, innovation, interest and dynamism. It will work on a profile of proactive learners, creating opportunities for those students who face challenges in classic subjects like maths, physics, history, etc. but have different, other talents conducive to the design of ideas and proposals.The project is based on “Learning by Doing and Teaching”. All partners will prepare “Mini projects” during student meetings. Mini projects in each project meeting are planned into the framework of our Partnership project. They will showcase new experiences and good practice from each partner. Entrepreneurial students and entrepreneurial teachers will work in international environment with people connected to entrepreneurship. This will raise the visibility of the innovative work of each partner further motivating proactive students.

It involves 5 partners from 5 countries (Turkey, Portugal, Slovenia,France and Spain). All partners have a long tradition and experience concerning their technical knowledge.

The discussions and results will be published. Teaching and learning materials will be provided in an interactive way, raised on a level of teenage and adult thinking and translated into all project languages.



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